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為培育臺灣高階科技創新創業人才,引領臺灣高品質人才連結未來世界以建立我國創新平臺, 科技部推動「博士創新之星計畫」,選派具創新創業企圖心之高階人才赴美國、法國及以色列等企業、 新創公司以及知名學研機構進行專案合作研習6-12個月。希望藉此開拓我國高階人才之能力與創新思維, 並透過參與當地創新創業或相關社群活動,建立我國與海外創新資源之連結, 並在返臺後能對臺灣產業或學研界有所貢獻。
To cultivate high-level scientific and technological talents with an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, and connect them with the world to strengthen Taiwan’s innovation platform, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) launches the "LEAP Program" to send Taiwan’s high-quality talents to various corporations, startups, or research institutes in the U.S., France, and Israel for 6 to 12 months. We hope that through this program, high-quality talents can develop strategic thinking and entrepreneurship skills, connect with local innovation and startup related communities and activities so that Taiwan can establish stronger networks with innovative resources worldwide. We also expect LEAP Fellows to make contributions from what they learned to domestic industries after they return to Taiwan.
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透過參與博士創新之星LEAP計畫的海外高科技企業,一年的實習機會將連結世界新創領域的脈動, 提供您未來投入國內產業或學研界,更具前瞻性的視野與能力。 研習期間學員除專業研習外,更能在國際新創聚落落實社群交流,協助您發掘自己全方位的潛能、提升競爭力, 再造人生新巔峰。
Apply Enterprise Group
Now you have the opportunity to find out the secret of the success of overseas excellent companies!
Through overseas high-tech enterprises participating in the LEAP Program, a one-year talent-circulation opportunity will help you connect with the pulse of the world's startup fields and provide you with a more forward-looking vision and ability to contribute to domestic industries or academic research communities in the future. During the Program period, LEAP Fellows can not only boost professional skills but also expand community networks in international innovative hubs. In short, the LEAP Program helps you explore your full potential and enhance your competitiveness.
透過博士創新之星LEAP計畫合作的知名學研機構,完整一年的實習機會與訓練、跨領域團隊合作等各種機制, 突破自我、發掘潛能。並藉由各學研機構當地之新創產業相關活動的參與、與成功新創家交流的機會, 深化人脈的連結,培養產學合作及創業能力,開拓職涯新發展。
Apply Academic Group
Go to the world-renowned universities and meet top international talents to inspire your deepest potential!
Through the well-known academic research institutes cooperating with the LEAP program, a full-year internship and training provides you the opportunity to participate in cross-disciplinary teamwork and other mechanisms to develop your potential to achieve a substantial breakthrough. You will also get to communicate with successful entrepreneurs, deepen the connection with people, cultivate industry-university cooperation, and entrepreneurial capabilities through joining local startup-related activities held by various academic research institutes to open up new career development.
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