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  • Introduction about LEAP program 


    For 2020-1 Batch, you may download the excel form in order to join LEAP Program as a host company. Please fill in the form and send it wit company logo to: by September 10th (Taiwan time). 

    To download the excel form, please click:

    * There will be host company review meeting conducted by Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan. To send the form to LEAP Program Office does not gurantee the qualification as well as the position will be granted. LEAP Program Office will contact you for further information.


    LEAP program is launched and supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan (the “MOST”), the program aims to:

    1. Loop international innovation and technology industries from Taiwan, the U.S., France, and Israel into global talent circulation. 

    2. Encourage Taiwanese high talents reaching out abroad to acquire international experience and enlarge their vision/perspective of their carrier life. 

    3. Accelerate the global knowledge commercialization and international talents cultivation. 

    4. Promote business development and relationship through LEAP talents from Taiwan and LEAP international enterprise partners.

    Since 2017, the MOST has cooperated with more than 120 enterprise partners, the “Enterprise Group”, and with world-class academic institutions, the “Academic Group”, from the U.S., France and Israel. And we would like to focus on the “Enterprise Group” here due to the reason that every batch of the Program, we call for host companies to join. “Enterprise Group” dedicates to connect international innovation and technology companies, local and overseas high talents to promote the knowledge commercialization and business innovation. 

    The cooperation relation between LEAP Program and the enterprise partners aim to call for companies from the U.S., France, and Israel to join the Program as host companies. And every year, there are two batches calling for host companies to join. The following timeline is the next coming batch 2020-1.

    Download our sharable calendar and become LEAP host company without missing any important events!


    Host companies will host the admitted Taiwanese Ph.D. /professional talents (as“LEAP trainee”) for up to one year. And for each admitted LEAP trainee, the MOST subsidizes up to 50,000 USD as a living allowance during the training period. We look forward to encouraging the Taiwanese high talents to acquire international experiences and promoting the cross-country talent circulation and business development while leveraging the talents’ expertise by dedicating to host companies through LEAP Program.



    If you like LEAP program and be part of LEAP Program, please click the following icon to provide your company information.

    Any further questions, Pleases do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail: 




  • What will your company benefit from LEAP Program
    • Competitive Industries in Taiwan

    ​It is known that Taiwan delivers high quality of services, products as well as research and development capability in several industries such semiconductor, computer science, IC design, electronics engineering and so on. Therefore, Taiwan has relevant industry experiences and possesses professional experts in these fields. It is also a great ground to nurture industrial freshmen as well as a great market to showcase. This makes Taiwan a key player in the supply chain and industry chain in the global game.

    Taking advantages of the competitive industries with experiences, Taiwan on the other hand grabs the opportunity to further develop artificial intelligence, Internet of things, big data, smart manufacturing, 5G, green energy, medical services, electric vehicle and other new technologies. Based on the mature competitive industries, Taiwan is able to fast adapt to and develop new technologies while keep his voice heard in the world.

    • Taiwan as a bridge between west and east

    Being a hub in Asia, Taiwan is familiar with Asian language, culture, history and mindset. By bridging western and Asian demand and supply, Taiwan serves as an ideal connection to Asia and the rest of the world. After hosting LEAP trainees, you might have the best candidates to locate in the Asian office of your company who might be your Asian contact person to bridge your overseas offices as well as customers or partners. These LEAP trainees could potentially become your international focal point in Asia for research and development, for marketing or even for human resource training and other functions that your company might need.

    Particularly, the “New Southbound Policy” has driven Taiwan to build tight connection with ASEAN, New Zealand, Australia and some south Asian countries in several critical industries. This enables Taiwan to have strengthen cooperation relationship with these countries/partners. Therefore, Taiwan could be a critical bridge for your company and the market in the east.

    • Geographical strategy of Taiwan

    Located at the center of Asia and Pacific Ocean, Taiwan is at the core spot for airplane as well as ship that travel both south-north-wise and east-west-wise. Therefore, Taiwan serves as a strategic economic region for industries to arrange offices, presences and sites for branding, business development, marketing, training, maintenance, assembling or other functions.

    • Open-minded, innovative and ambitious environment in Taiwan

    Taiwan is an active team player in the global village. As a democratic country with richness in history, Taiwan has always been open-minded. And Taiwan embraces innovation and constructs the industrial ecosystem by setting up startups and accelerators, by encouraging academic institutions to commercialize their research outcomes and by providing a safe-trial space. It is encouraged to innovate and to break through which drives the country forward.

    Moreover, being a financial transparent and both economical as well as political stable country, Taiwan is a trust-worthy country for industries and corporates to set up presences and offices in.

    • High-level talent pool in LEAP Program

    The eligibility of being a LEAP trainee shall obtain PhD degree or shall have relevant experiences that meet national technology development and special achievements. And the background is preferably in Asia-Silicon Valley, bio, smart mechanics, IC design, semi-conductor, green tech, national defense, aerospace, circular economy, digital national economy and cultural tech. Moreover, we encourage LEAP trainees to have industrial experiences prior to joining LEAP Program so they could not only gain from the training but also could contribute what expertise and experiences they already have. These make LEAP talent pool appealing and create a win-win situation when host companies host LEAP interns or even have further and deeper relationship in the post-intern period.

    • LEAP Program global network - LEAPers

    Initiated in 2017, LEAP Program cooperates with more than 120 high-tech companies, startups and venture capitals around the U.S., Israel and France. And LEAP Program leverages Taipei Economic and Cultural Offices of Ministry of Science and Technology in those continents. And until 2019-1 Batch, LEAP Program has already sponsored more than 110 talents abroad. Those completed the training period have gone different parts of the world dedicating what they’ve gained from the training and have started to make an impact in industries. LEAP Program urges the stakeholders to cohere in the global network for the purpose of long term talent circulation and multilateral benefits.

    How long is the trainee selection process?
  • Each batch usually takes 3 months to select candidates, and also take another 3 months to conduct all the administration procedure. Therefore, from the selection process, it usually takes 6 months. Additionally, admitted trainees will take time to process the visa application. As for the specific timeline of each batch, please check the detail information on the Host Company home page.

  • How to contact LEAP Program Office?
    • Main communication Channel: Email

    Email will be a main communication way to work together for the host companies with LEAP Program Office, so please acknowledge LEAP Program Office mail:

    • Communication Channel: Email, Landline, Linkedin
    2. Landline:(886) 2-2737-7747, 2-2737-7965. Office time:10am-05pm (UTC+8)
    3. LEAP Program Linkedin

    How does my company apply for being a Host Company?
  • LEAP Program Office held two batches in a year, the timeline is around March and July, the accurate time will be announced on the Host company home page or click the link Contact us below to fill in your company contact information.  When the timeline is approaching,  LEAP Program office would send you a reminder email to tell you how to apply for being a Host Company. 

    Contact Us

  • Is there any specific requirement for being a host company?
  • Though LEAP Program is a global talent program, however, due to policy, right now we only could partner with the companies in France, Israel, and U.S.

    Additionally, align with Taiwan policy, LEAP Program Office particularly would like to partner with those companies in Internet of things, semiconductors and IC design, biomedical, smart machinery, digital economy, green energy, defense, new agriculture, circular economy and cultural technology innovation field.

    What is the standard or requirement for LEAP selecting trainees?
    1. Applicants of LEAP program must be under the age of 40.
    2. Ph.D. degree, or those who do not have Ph.D. degree will be considered if submitting working experience is related to governmental development of technology, also with other special achievements. Backgrounds of major innovative industries including Internet of things, semiconductors and IC design, biomedical, smart machinery, digital economy, green energy, defense, new agriculture, circular economy and cultural innovation are preferred.
    3. Backgrounds of major innovative industries including Internet of things, semiconductors and IC design, biomedical, smart machinery, digital economy, green energy, defense, new agriculture, circular economy and cultural technology innovation field are preferred.

  • Would they fit our company job vacancies?
  • The whole LEAP Program selection process would collaborate with the host companies, and the companies would have the right to interview and chose the candidates.

    Does the host company need to help trainees to apply for Visa? What kind of Visa that Trainees apply for?
    • The Visa Category and Funding of U.S

    In the U.S, LEAP trainee visa category will be J-1 Trainee, and MOST will help the Host Company deal with the VISA application, and will be responsible for VISA application fee as well as relevant insurance fee.

    For the visa application process, the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), an authorized agency designated by the U.S. Department of State for the J-1 Visa Program, will contact both the Host Company and the trainee regarding the subsequent Visa procedures once the announcement is made.

    • The Visa information of France and Israel

    As for the host companies in France and Israel, please contact LEAP Program office for more information.

    How do I know my company role while my company participate in LEAP Program?
  • Regarding to LEAP Program Office is based in Taiwan, and the host companies located in U.S, France, Israel. The whole communication and administration process of LEAP Program would conduct in the air. If the host companies could be aware of the following notifications, it would help both parties have a pleasant collaboration. 

    1. Be aware of LEAP Program Administration timeline and E-mails

    LEAP Program Office would release the timeline of each batch on the Host company home page and send reminders while the significant milestone is approaching, we would need your assistance to confirm and coordinate the following administrative work.

    Some host companies email system would block LEAP Program Office mail as a spam mail, so please check the spam mail from time to time, particularly the date is approaching each timeline.

    The timeline would be like the following flow chart for your reference.

    2. Company Information, Candidate interview, Trainees on Board Administration are three of the most important procedures that LEAP Program office need the host company to collaborate closely.

    3. Please inform LEAP Program Office the Substitute contact  

    While the main contact of your company for LEAP Program on vocation or he/she is no longer in the company, please do remember to inform LEAP Program Office who is the substitute contact, in order to keep being informed during the selection process.

  • Do the host companies need to provide salary, accommodation, or any other welfare for trainees?
    • The training plan and welfare plan will be decided by the Host Company and the trainee. However, it is very important to obey the laws and regulations in the country and the state the trainee will be staying in. LEAP Program Office would not intervene the discussion regarding fees, costs, welfare and so on. Nevertheless, Host Company shall comply with local and domestic regulation regarding this matter.


    • During the one-year internship, the Host Company is excepted to provide trainees mentorship. And Leap Program expects the Host Company could provide a safe and positive working environment as well as reasonable working equipment for the trainee.

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